Monday, December 1, 2014

Blog Post #5 Part 2

While taking EDM310, I had no clue what a PLN was. While learning about what a PLN was, I figured that it was going to be very useful to me oneday. While in this class Dr. Strange assigns us to our C4K or C4T every week, I try to follow the teachers on Twitter. I also follow some of the staff of EDM310. These people will help my PLN. I really like having my PLN, because it helps me have good connections with others that are interested in the same things that I am. I am thankful that I was taught about PLN's and how to start one.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

CFT Summary

In my frist blog post on Melting Rates was very interesting. It showed how the ice would melt on different materials. It also made the one that meled quicker to be colder not warmer like the warmer block. It was very interesting and I know that the students will enjoy it.

The next blog post I picked was aSportplan Trial. This app will really help you create better workout plans. This was a differnt way to get the student to work out. It gave the students a differnt way to add sketches and drills.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

CFK Summary

In the blog postAll about me againshe told me all about herself. It was very interesting and I followed it well. It was a great blog post for her age group.

In the next blog post I read The Book of Redemption:Chapter 2 was a great blog post. Noelle gave me great insight of what was happening in the book. It was realll ya great blog post and I really hopes she keeps up the good work.

In the next blog post White Things was very interesting. It gave so much thought it what Natilie was doing. She listed things that were white and gave great detail on the things. This was a great blog post.

kids learning

Blog Post #14

In Joel Kleins article,Teaching Our Children Can Be A Profession, he thought professionalizing teaching needed to be changed. The things he saw was not having good enough academic training for prospective teachers, how teachers got awarded, and how seniority was a distraction in schools.

He talked about we needed better academic training for prospective teachers. He thought the teachers's should have better teacher programs. I agree with this, because teachers do need the better programs that can teach them how to do their job at the best of their ability. The next thing he said was that we need a better approach to recruiting teachers. He thought that not to letting everyone that graduated with an education degree become a teacher. Rather then, only let top third education graduates become teachers. I don't agree with this. I believe everyone learns at thier own pace and cold be great teacher's at some point.

The next thing he had a problem with was the way teachers are rewarded. He thought you should reward teachers on their performance and not their seniority. I think this would work better.I think teachers need to be rewarded when they are doing a great job. I feel this will make teacher's want to teach better and have there clas more motivated to learn if they feedl they can benifit from it.

The next thing he had a problem with was how seniority created a distraction in schools. He thought you should get rid of the teacher's that were not getting the job done right besides getting rid of the new teachers. I agree with this to a point. Teachers who are not doing their job the way they should be, should be let go. It shouldn't matter how long they have been teaching.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Blog Post #13

Students learning

In this week blog post we were asked to create our own blog post. I find that difficult for me to do, yet I will give it a try. I undestand that we need technology in classroooms. I also understand that it helps student's learn more and they can find so much more information. In What is Successful Technology Intergration it states how to integrate technology into classrooms. It also states why you would want to do it and how to do. I feel that it will be hard to do this in centain area's where you do not have enough technology for all the student's. I do feel that the classroom would have to be more teacher-centric because of lask of technology. I know technology is a great tool to be used in classrooms but , my questions would be how to get all students's on a level to get where they could use technology.

In Enhancing Student Learning with Technology it states that "We must not use technology just because it is available. We must use when and only when we can see how it will enable us to do the education job better" Herbert A. Simon, Carnegie Mellon University. With this being said I don't feel like we can only use technology. It has to be other ways to get through to the children to help them learn. All shcools and parents don't have access to the internet. So with that being said I feel that some things will have to be done different because of these facts.

Project #14